Junior Section

Training Times

All Stars- 5.30-6.15 Friday evenings starting 7th May 

Junior Teams:- Train on a Friday evening Starting Friday 9th April

Under 9s- 5.45-6.45

Under 11s- 5.45-6.45

Under 13s- 6.45-7.45

Under 15s- 6.45-7.45

Under 17s- 5.30-8.30

From Friday 16th April, there will be a BBQ on offer and the bar will be open for outdoor serving after training each week


Junior Manager:- Ed Clark

AllStars:- Adam Atkinson and Ed Clark

Under 9s:- Ian Rose and Dan Harris

Under 11s:-

Under 13s:- Rob Jackson and Simon

Under 15s:- Rohan Culverhouse

Under 17:- Chris Campbell and Tony Hall


£65 Membership fees for all juniors